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LTD Shandong Huxi Bearing Co.,Ltd

We specialize in manufacturing the thrust bearing and automotive bearing, and deep groove ball bearing, taper roller bearings, etc in China . We have passed ISO9001, QS9000 quality assurance system. Now we are doing the ISO/TS16949 certification work
We are a group company in Shandong province in China . Our total brand is “HXW”. We include the Shandong Huxi Bearing Co., Ltd and the Shandong Huxi Foundry Co., Ltd; supply the automotive spare parts and the industrial spare parts
Welcome to visit our website at http://www.hxzc-hz.com
The bearing products such as the 51104, 51105, 51106, 51307A , KZ-3, KZ-4.5, T-387, 51107A , 608ZZ, 626ZZ, 607, 6203, 6003, 986809K, 588908, 588911, 198909K, 198905, 98906, 996713K, 8115, 8216, 53207U, 52240M , 51315, 6203 2RS, 6305 ZZ, 698908, 54RCT3521, 360111, CT 52A -1, 62RNT 3537F 2, 16010010, etc.

If you want to import the bearing products,please do not hesitate to contact me and send your details demand information, and OEM is acceptable; thanks.

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Country: China
City: Heze
Address: 274300
Phone: + 86 (530) 610-89-85
Fax: + 86 (530) 6108910
URL address: http://www.hxzc-hz.com
Contact person: Peter Zhang
Position: Trade Department

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